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Bluebell Wood. (silent)1988 - 1 min
Super-8 film transfer

London Bridge

London bridge. 1996 - 3.42 min
Interruption of daily flow (short version)


The Mobile DJ (2012 remix) - 7.34 min
Performance by Sean Dower and Guy Bar-Amotz at Block 336, Brixton 2012

Exhibited as video with synchronised lightshow and performance equipment


The Curfew Recordings (video reflection) 2004 - 4.13 min *
* Excerpt from 23 min version

The air movement from an array of speakers causes a candle to flicker in response to sound.
The soundtrack is from The Curfew Recordings (1984 recording by the artist)

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Break it down - A performance (excerpts) 2006 - 12 min
Performance by Sean Dower and Richard Wilson at Timothy Taylor Gallery London.
March 2006. Warning contains strobing images

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Flowers 1993 - 1.20 min
Short video, which jump-cuts each time the artist goes to speak.

Palm Reader

Palm Reader. 1993 - 2 min
B&W video of palm reading by record stylus

Blizzrd of Noise

Blizzard of Noise (Donder op Dender) 2010 - 5 min
Sean Dower, Steve Noble & Richard Wilson
Excerpts of performance at Netwerk Centre for Contemporary Art, Aalst - Belgium
June 2010


Ghost Drummer 2008 - 2 min (excerpt)
Performance with strobe at Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery in London Nov. 2008
The performance took place on the busy Redchurch Street behind a large, plate glass window.
The large audience that gathered was mostly made up of passers by.


Performance experiments. Basle 1990 - 4 min
1) Work for aluminium bowl, motor and bottle tops
2) Work for bicycle, tabla and pressurised drum

spirit Level

Spirit Level. 1993 (excerpt) - 1 min
Real-time video for monitor - excerpt from 11.42 min


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